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Surrounded by dramatic mountain ranges, Comox Glacier views, and the old-growth forests of Strathcona Park, Mt. Washington is the most sought-after Vancouver Island wedding destination.

Our vast property offers venue site options for every event size. Enjoy views from the top of the mountain with a unique backdrop of the deep-blue waters of the Salish Sea and the snow-capped Coast Mountains, or stand among the untamed old-growth trees with an explosion of colourful wildflowers at your feet as you participate in Strathcona Park.

Mount Washington Alpine Resort on Vancouver Island, located on the southwestern coast of British Columbia, offers a range of conference venues and facilities for various types of events. Here are a few popular conference venues on Vancouver Island:

Mount Washington Conferences

Mount Washington
Alpine Winter Conferences

If you’re after a Vancouver Island experience, there is no better place in the world than a backdrop of Strathcona Provincial Park and the majestic Raven Lodge. From alpine to Nordic, this is the perfect place for your winter or summer team building expereince. Whether you want to be outside in the snow, cozy by the fireplace, or on the patio in the coutyard this is one of the most iconic Canadian destinations.
Meetings & Conferences

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Mount Washington Catering

at Mount Washington

Mount Washington hosts special events like weddings, conferences, and corporate retreats. We will develop a separate catering program to accommodate these occasions, offer customized menus and services tailored to the specific event requirements. We will work closely with your event planners to ensure a seamless experience for all guests.

When possible we emphasize the use of local and seasonal ingredients in our menus. Partner with nearby farms, bakeries, and breweries to source fresh and high-quality products. Highlighting regional specialties can enhance the dining experience and provide our guests with a taste of the local cuisine.
Meetings & Conferences
Mount Washington Catering

at Mount Washington

We are always prepared to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions, allergies, or specific food preferences. Clearly label menu items with potential allergens, and train our staff to provide accurate information about ingredients and potential cross-contamination. Offering gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options can greatly enhance guest satisfaction.

Our team will consider implementing sustainable practices in our catering operations whenever possible. Use eco-friendly packaging and utensils, minimize food waste through proper portion control and composting, and prioritize local sourcing to reduce carbon footprint. Communicate these sustainability efforts to our guests to showcase Mount Washington's commitment to the environment.
Meetings & Conferences

Raven Lodge


How old does my child need to be in order to ride the lifts?

Tots 3+ are permitted to Ride the Eagle chairlift Scenic Chairlift ride provided the child must be able to aid in self-rescue in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Children 6+ are permitted to Ride in the Bike Park provided the child must be able to aid in self-rescue in the unlikely event of an emergency as well as being a competent rider, and having a bike that meets all our requirements.


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