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Never Ever Days

From February 10, 2023 3:00pm until February 10, 2023 6:00pm

Offering "Never Ever" beginner ski and snowboard lessons starting December 17th, 2022 every Friday evening

Start time is at 3:30 pm. All ages 5+

$25: beginner lift ticket, equipment rental, lesson

Nationwide, the Canadian Ski Council is encouraging everyone to try skiing or snowboarding. This year we'll be offering four Never Ever Days for those who have never skied or snowboarded before on National Learn to Ski Day, February 16th! Don’t put off learning any longer with this incredible deal. This special offer is available to anyone new to the sport, aged 5+ - but register today as there is a limited number of packages available each day. Bookings are made through the Canadian Ski Council website, not through Mount Washington.

We understand that learning to ski or snowboard for the first time can be intimidating for first-timers so our Discover Full Day Programs are specifically designed to give first-timers a fun, safe, and encouraging experience with our pros who specialize in teaching adults for the very first time.

Who is a Never Ever Day for?

  • Someone who has “Never Ever” tried skiing or snowboarding
  • Someone who tried skiing or snowboarding years ago and needs a refresher

Who is a Never Ever Day NOT for?

  • Someone who already knows how to ski or snowboard
  • Someone looking for more than a beginner ski or snowboard lesson
  • Someone looking for a deal on a lift ticket
    • Only beginner lift tickets are issued for Never Ever Days, restricting people to the beginner lifts and runs




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